Sell tickets online FAST

rapidticketing allows you to sell tickets directly from your own website. It's cheap, easy to set up and easy to administer. The main features of our system include:
  • simple integration - have ticketing on your site in minutes;
  • keep control of your money - integrates with your own Google Checkout account;
  • low cost - you only need to sell 5 tickets* to recover the cost of the system;
  • secure - with SSL technology, and by integrating with the secure Google Checkout, we ensure you and your customers' security;
  • green - as a completely online solution, all tickets are online. No printing or delivery is required.

Help your company through the Crunch

The biggest challenge to small venues is in converting interest into ticket sales. How easy is it for your customers to book tickets when they see one of your flyers? Having the ability to sell tickets directly from your site will help you make the valueable conversions. Reservations are meaningless, bookings are the goal!

Don't take our word for it. Look at the example of theatredelicatessen. Through their online ticketing system, they managed to sell more than 500 tickets to their first ever show. As a completely unknown company, this was a major success and only goes to show how important it is to make ticket purchasing as quick, simple and visible as possible.

* based on the bronze package. By selling 5 extra tickets at £10 each online, you would recover the setup costs of the ticketing system.